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Do your body the world of good

Harmonize your body and soul...

...with either classic massages, far-eastern therapies or a combination of massage and a relaxing pack on our Sanotherm lounger. Feel at ease on a comforting warm waterbed accompied by relaxing sounds.

Or why not take a bath in our Symphonyspa-tub, which combines aroma oil scents, calming underwater lights and gentle sounds. Take a dive into carefree well-being.

To learn more about our wide range of treatments and offers download the PDF file: Cinderella-Spa (PDF 1901 KB)

Classic massage  25 min.    € 28.-    50 min.    € 50.- 
relaxes and harmonizes the locomotor system.
Ayurveda  50 min.    € 62.-   
This ancient Indian holistic treatment is aimed to keep you in optimum health. The massage promotes self-healing powers, reduces stress symptoms and brings inner harmony. 
Aroma Massage
25 min.    € 30.-  50 min.   € 56.-
A soft and very relaxing delight for body and soul with warm organic aroma oils. Partial body massage 25 min., full body massage 50 min.
Manual lymph drainage  50 min.     € 54.-  
The aims of this massage are to boost the flow of lymph, to reduce water retention and to get rid of toxins in your body.
Foot reflexology  25 min.    € 29.-
This is a very popular technique that has a beneficial effect on the whole body. By massaging the reflex areas of the feet, blood circulation in the organs and the movement of energy throughout the body are stimulated. 
Body massage  25 min.    € 29.-
Helps to stimulate blood circulation in the back and legs and has a refreshing effect.  
Sports massage  25 min.    € 32.-   50 min.    € 56.-
Reduces tensions which are often the reason for pain and dysfunctions. It also stimulates blood circulation in the tissue and contributes to a better metabolic system.
Relax massage
 25 min.     € 36.-
  50 min.    € 54.-
By using different massage techniques essential oils are applied to the whole body. Pain is relieved, stress reduced and imbalances of energy removed.
Combi massage   50 min.   € 52.-  
A pleasant combination of classic massage with either foot reflexology or manual lymphatic drainage. The internal organs are stimulated and a detoxification process is generated.
Stone massage   75 min.   €  70.-  
A fascinating combination of massage and the pleasant sensation of hot and cold stones. The whole body is reloaded with new energy, harmonized and stabilized.
Head & neck massage  25 min.    € 29.-  
A pleasant and relaxing massage that helps against stress and tensions, also in the neck area. Balances energies in the body and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
Face massage  25 min.    € 29.-  
Pleasant and gentle massage of the face including care cream adapted to your type of skin. This treatment has a cell-activating and regenerating effect.


Attractive slope conditions for big and small, caring supervision for the littlest ones!
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